Technical Assistance

The Clean Cities coalition network connects transportation stakeholders with objective information and experts to assist with alternative fuels, fuel economy improvements, and emerging transportation technologies. Through these trusted, time-tested resources, Clean Cities coalitions have helped fleets and fuel providers deploy hundreds of thousands of alternative fuel vehicles and fueling stations that serve a growing market. Clean Cities coalitions continue to support the entry of new transportation technologies into the marketplace.

Find Data & Information

Use Clean Cities' comprehensive, data-driven collection of information.

Alternative Fuels Data Center

Get the facts about alternative fuels and vehicles:

Use the official U.S. government source for fuel economy information to find and compare vehicles, calculate your own fuel economy, and get tips to cut fuel costs.

Ask a Question

The Technical Response Service representatives are seasoned experts who will help you find answers to technical questions about alternative fuels, fuel economy improvements, idle-reduction measures, advanced vehicles, and Clean Cites and related resources.

Email: Technical Response Service

Call: 800-254-6735

Technical Response Service

Get Help on the Ground

Tiger Teams assist coalition coordinators, fleets, stakeholders, original equipment manufacturers, and fuel providers to overcome obstacles to deploying alternative fuels and advanced vehicles and make informed choices to reduce their fuel use.

Learn more about how to request technical assistance from Tiger Teams.

Educate with Toolkits

Clean Cities coalitions provide specialized toolkits to help educate and engage policymakers, fleet managers, drivers, and other decision makers using print products, templates, and presentations.


Provides outreach materials and templates for idle reduction projects.

Workplace Charging Toolkit

Provides outreach materials and templates for electric vehicle infrastructure projects.

Green Rides Toolkit for National Parks

Provides outreach materials for national parks to educate visitors and employees about alternative transportation.