Workplace Charging Employer Workshop Toolkit

Use these best practices for planning, organizing, and executing successful and educational workplace charging events. These materials, which can assist you in promoting workplace charging in your community, are based on lessons learned from more than 20 events held across the U.S.

Employer Workshop & Outreach Templates

  • Workshop Agenda Template – Develop a streamlined workshop with this half-day agenda focused on introductory-level PEV education and firsthand employer workplace charging experience.

  • Workshop Host Outreach Letter Template – Approach employers in your community that already have workplace charging to serve as a workshop host.

  • Workshop Speaker Outreach Letter Template – Invite employers in your community that already have charging to speak on an employer experience panel.

  • Workshop / Outreach Presentation Template – Educate workshop attendees and employers about the benefits of workplace charging by selecting slides from this sample presentation.

  • Outreach Letter Template – Reach out to employers in your community who may be interested in offering workplace charging with this template.

  • Outreach Press Release Template – Raise the profile of employers in the community who are offering workplace charging and encourage the adoption of workplace charging among other employers.

Example Workplace Charging Events

This section provides links to previous successful workplace charging events. These link directly to the organization's websites and contain their own event agendas and presentation materials.

Workplace Charging Employer Workshop Best Practices Webinar

Through this recorded webinar, learn about the experiences of four event hosts and how they planned, organized, and administered successful workplace charging events.