Technical Assistance from National Labs

Technical assistance provides problem-solving support to Clean Cities and Communities coalitions, fleets, stakeholders, original equipment manufacturers, and fuel providers to overcome obstacles to deploying alternative fuels and advanced vehicles and make informed choices to reduce their fuel consumption.

Start the Conversation with an Email

National lab staff can provide guidance on vehicles, station operations, and evaluating potential opportunities for implementing alternative fuels and advanced technologies. Request assistance by emailing John Gonzales at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory with your contact information and details about the issue or need. You can expect to receive a response to your initial inquiry within two business days. John will then identify and connect you with technical experts who can provide problem-solving support.

Tiger Teams Assistance

If you are experiencing a more complex, complicated challenge, Tiger Teams can step in to provide more high-touch, in-depth support. Tiger Teams can assist with the following types of projects:

  • Technical Problem Solving – Vehicle Operations: Issues can pertain to vehicle performance, drivability, safety, maintenance, driver acceptance, training, or best practices for implementation of alternative fuel vehicles at specific sites.

  • Technical Problem Solving – Infrastructure Operations: Issues can pertain to fueling station design, siting, interaction with alternative fuel providers or fire safety code officials, fueling station performance, maintenance requirements, or user and operator training.

  • Evaluation of Project Potential: Some projects (including transit systems and airports) may qualify for technical assistance if expertise is not available from local or regional resources or stakeholders. When there is demonstrated local interest, a Tiger Teams expert can evaluate local market conditions, conduct infrastructure assessments, gauge stakeholder needs, and assist in defining project execution feasibility.

Asking for Tiger Teams Assistance

Request Tiger Teams assistance by submitting your contact information and details about the project to John Gonzales at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Include information about if you made efforts to find solutions using local resources.

John Gonzales will work with you to define how the project will proceed and develop a timeline. In order to receive Tiger Teams assistance, the coalition and stakeholders must have an ongoing commitment to a successful outcome.

Work proceeds through teleconferences and site meetings with the expert and local stakeholders. At the conclusion of the project, the technical expert documents the final resolution and recommends future actions.