IdleBox: A Toolkit for Idle Reduction Education and Outreach

IdleBox is a web-based education and outreach toolkit on vehicle idle reduction. The low-hanging fruit of fuel economy, idle reduction is a simple way to use less fuel and minimize engine wear, reducing costs along with pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

What Is Idling?

Idling is running a vehicle’s propulsion engine when the vehicle isn’t moving. Idling wastes fuel and creates harmful emissions.

Use IdleBox to:

  • Learn more about the benefits of idle reduction for your organization, fleet, or community.
  • Engage and educate others—including drivers, fleet managers, policymakers, and sustainability managers—on the value of idle reduction.
  • Launch an idle reduction campaign for your organization, fleet, or community.

Core Resources

Specialty Resources

Stop Idling. Start $aving.

MSU students.

College students help conduct an IdleBox campaign at New Hope Middle School in Columbus, Mississippi.

IdleBox tools have been a tremendous support to our initiatives with area schools. We have prepared a comprehensive kit with high-quality, ready-to-use information featuring IdleBox materials and EPA lesson plans that we present to schools to encourage and support their interest in developing idling reduction and air quality improvement programs. IdleBox has been a great resource for our coalition's educational outreach efforts.”
Lauren Lambert-Tompkins,
Louisiana Clean Fuels

Are You in a Clean Cities Coalition?

IdleBox has additional resources for Clean Cities coalitions. Go to the IdleBox resources for coalitions.