IdleBox Toolkit for Idle-Reduction Projects

Stop Idling. Start $aving.

IdleBox is a toolkit of print products, templates, presentations, and information resources to assist with idle-reduction projects for fleets with light- and medium-duty vehicles. Some materials are available in two versions: ready-to-use print products and customizable templates.

IdleBox tools can be used to educate and engage policymakers, fleet managers, drivers, and other decision makers about the benefits of reducing idling. Learn about using IdleBox to launch a campaign. If you have had success using IdleBox, we'd love to hear about it. Contact Patricia Weikersheimer and let Clean Cities know.

IdleBox contains several print products that support outreach efforts related to idle reduction.

Fact Card

Download the fact card to print and distribute.

Tip Sheet

Download the tip sheet to distribute at meetings, presentations, and outreach events.


Download the stickers (3.9375 x 1.9375 inches) to distribute to organizations or drivers who have signed the idle-reduction pledge.


Download the poster to display in areas that are highly visible to drivers and other employees.

Download the logo for use in email messages, print products, Web pages, and other products.


Download the sign (12 x 18 inches) for organizations to use in parking areas and loading zones to show support for idle reduction and discourage drivers from idling.


IdleBox includes several templates that can be customized for individual communities, stakeholders, and fleets.

Letterhead Template

Download the letterhead template to use in correspondence with stakeholders, public officials, and other transportation decision makers.

Fact Card Template

Download the fact card template to customize, print, and distribute.

Outreach Letter Template

Download the outreach letter template to make initial contact with organizations that could benefit from idle reduction.

IdleBox Press Release Template

Download the IdleBox press release template to announce the availability of IdleBox. See also tips for writing press releases.

Pledge Press Release Template

Download the pledge press release template to announce an organization's commitment to reduce idling.

Stakeholder Press Release Template

Download the stakeholder press release template for stakeholders to publicize their efforts to reduce idling.

Organization Pledge Form

Download the organization pledge form to document an organization's commitment to reduce idling.

Driver Pledge Form

Download the pledge form for drivers and employees to help them demonstrate their commitments to idle reduction.

Poster Template

Download the poster template to increase the visibility of idle-reduction efforts.


IdleBox includes presentations to educate stakeholders about the benefits of idle reduction.

Idle-Reduction Basics Presentation

Download the Idle-Reduction Basics presentation to introduce stakeholders to the benefits of and tips for reducing idling.

Technology Solutions Presentation Module

Download the Technology Solutions presentation module to add greater detail to the Idle-Reduction Basics presentation or to conduct a follow-up presentation to a fleet.

Reducing Personal-Vehicle Idling Presentation

Use the One Easy Habit To Help You "Go Green": Reducing Personal-Vehicle Idling presentation to inform general audiences about the value of reducing personal-vehicle idling.

Idling Reduction for Long-Haul, Heavy-Duty Trucks Presentation

Use the Idling Reduction for Long-Haul, Heavy-Duty Trucks presentation to educate those involved in long-haul, heavy-duty fleet operations about the full range of idling reduction options.

Information Resources

Use the following information resources to help in an idle-reduction project or campaign.

IdleBase Database of Idling Regulations

Download or direct stakeholders to IdleBase, a comprehensive database of idle-reduction regulations that apply to on-road vehicles.

National Idling Reduction Network News

Subscribe to or direct stakeholders to National Idling Reduction Network News, a free monthly newsletter that provides information about the latest developments in idle reduction, including current funding opportunities.

Idle-Reduction Savings Calculator

Use this calculator, which applies to all classes of on-road vehicles, to help fleet managers and vehicle operators calculate potential savings from reduced idling. The PDF is ideal for printing handouts and the Excel file is best for easy calculation.

Coalitions With Idle-Reduction Campaigns

Learn from examples of Clean Cities coalitions running idle-reduction campaigns.