Clean Cities and Communities' efforts span from state and local, to national collaborations. Over the years, partnerships and projects have significantly increased the availability of alternative fuels, electric vehicles, and infrastructure, thereby enabling a growing number of fleets to choose alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs). These projects frequently include coalitions as partners and often leverage additional resources from private and public sector partners to help communities lay the foundation for hundreds of alternative fuels and vehicle projects.

National Efforts

At the national level, Clean Cities and Communities collaborates with federal agencies, fuel providers, industry associations, equipment manufacturers, large companies, and vehicle fleets.

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National Clean Fleets Partnership

Clean Cities and Communities works with large private-sector fleets that operate in multiple states to implement transportation projects. The initiative provides fleets with resources, expertise, and technical support to evaluate incorporating alternative fuels and fuel-saving technologies and strategies into their operations.

National Parks Initiative

Clean Cities and Communities partners with the National Park Service to support the use of renewable and alternative fuels, electric drive vehicles, and other advanced transportation technologies at national parks across the country. These efforts help improve air quality and promote the use of domestic energy resources.