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The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Vehicle Technologies Office has funded hundreds of projects across the country that advance affordable, domestic transportation fuels and technologies.


Project Initiative/Award Awardee Status Date
St. Louis Vehicle Electrification Rides for Seniors (SiLVERS) 2020 Innovative Vehicle Technologies Projects Forth In progress Oct 2020

States impacted:

  • Missouri

St. Louis Vehicle Electrification Rides for Seniors (SiLVERS)

St. Louis, Missouri, is a diverse Midwestern city that has encountered a half-century of economic downturn, with its population diminishing from 850,000 to 300,000 since 1950. Additionally, with no local or state incentives for electric vehicles (EVs), access to both EVs and charging infrastructure has been limited. The overall goal of the St. Louis Vehicle Electrification Rides for Seniors (SiLVERS) project is to increase EV adoption and reduce transportation-related operating expenses for social service agencies in low-income communities. The project seeks to increase EV adoption by validating that EV fleets can save social service agencies money on transportation operation costs while improving service delivery, providing access to electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) for employees and community members, and developing tools and best practices for use by community-based organizations and social service agencies nationwide, allowing them to replicate this approach.

For more information on this project, check the Technology Integration 2021 Annual Report or the 2022 Annual Merit Review presentation and the 2023 Annual Merit Review presentation.

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$500,000 award from DOE

$532,000 matching funds (cost share)