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The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Vehicle Technologies Office has funded hundreds of projects across the country that advance affordable, domestic transportation fuels and technologies.


Project Initiative/Award Awardee Status Date
Electric Vehicle Market Stimulation in Divested Economies 2021 Low Greenhouse Gas Emissions Projects Metropolitan Energy Center In progress Nov 2021

States impacted:

  • Kansas
  • Missouri

Electric Vehicle Market Stimulation in Divested Economies

This project supports electric vehicle (EV) purchases, charging station installations, and outreach efforts to notify communities of these resources. The funds will help small businesses and rural cities accelerate their transition to EVs in Missouri and Kansas. The project includes eight partner businesses and municipalities operating within Kansas and Missouri environmental justice areas, opportunity zones, and other underserved areas. The project includes deployment as well as an innovative 15% cost share "overmatch" from its eight core funding recipients, which is leveraged to implement a small grants program for underserved communities. These grant recipients will be able to define project features guiding local benefit like installing public EV charging stations in parking lots and curbsides near multifamily residential complexes and retail businesses. The small grants program will place EV charging stations within underserved or rural areas that feel the effects of environmental justice issues. Diesel emissions from heavy-duty vehicles and off-road machinery contribute to early deaths, asthma rates, and family illness, keeping people away from jobs and school. Those are just some of the health and social impacts from diesel fumes that affect the community members the Metropolitan Energy Center serves. The project launched in March 2022. To learn more about the project or available funding, contact Miriam Bouallegue.

For more information on this project, check the Technology Integration 2022 Annual Report or Annual Merit Review presentation.

Learn more about the 2021 Low Greenhouse Gas Emissions Projects.

$5,222,000 award from DOE

$5,233,000 matching funds (cost share)


  • City of Lee's Summit, MO
  • Hirschbach
  • Johnson County Community College
  • Kansas City International Airport
  • Lazer Logistics
  • WaterOne
  • City of Osawatomie, KS
  • City of Ottawa, KS