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The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Vehicle Technologies Office has funded hundreds of projects across the country that advance affordable, domestic transportation fuels and technologies.


Project Initiative/Award Awardee Status Date
Electric First/Last Mile On-Demand Shuttle Service for Rural Communities in Central Texas 2019 Advanced Vehicle Technologies Research Lone Star Clean Fuels Alliance (Central Texas) In progress Oct 2019

States impacted:

  • Texas

Electric First/Last Mile On-Demand Shuttle Service for Rural Communities in Central Texas

The baseline for rural transportation in Bastrop, Texas, and in many other rural communities, is the limited availability of mobility services to connect rural residents and visitors to existing rural transit and destinations within their communities. Rural communities do not have the suite of mobility options typically found in urban areas, and this is an opportunity to tailor low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV)-based mobility as a service (MaaS) to provide an affordable, practical, efficient, zero-emission, and fun way to enhance access. LSEVs use a fraction of the energy of conventional vehicles yet are capable of providing the same level of service for the intended market and service area. LSEVs run on 72 V systems that can be charged with 110 V outlets. The objective of this project is to develop, demonstrate, and refine affordable, accessible, sustainable, and replicable mobility service-enabled electric vehicle shuttle service applications in rural central Texas, supported by data collection, analysis, sharing, and public dissemination of results.

For more information on this project, check the Technology Integration 2020 Annual Report or Annual Merit Review presentation.

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$712,000 award from DOE

$812,000 matching funds (cost share)


  • Lone Star Clean Fuels Alliance (Central Texas)