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NPL Construction Co.

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Joined the National Clean Fleets Partnership: 2015


Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ


Operations: United States and Canada

For more than 40 years, NPL Construction Company has been a renowned leader in the natural gas industry. The industry has changed during those years, and since then, so has NPL.

To keep pace with its rapid growth, NPL's fleet has expanded to include more than 2,400 vehicles nationwide, including everything from passenger cars to heavy trucks. The fleet travels approximately 35 million miles annually.

NPL has realized there is a price associated with traveling all those miles—both in dollars at the pump, as well as the impact vehicle emissions have on the environment. To combat this, the company has focused efforts on reducing the amount of fuel its fleet consumes due to idling.

Beginning in April 2014, NPL and its fleet department created an idle reduction campaign aimed at reducing fleet idle time by 20 percent. After six months, NPL surpassed expectations and reduced their carbon dioxide footprint by 695,777 pounds. This amounted to more than $120,000 in savings during that period.

NPL's "Culture of Personal Responsibility" has been vital to the company's progress in idle reduction, and will be key to building its future sustainability efforts.

NPL Construction Co. is a subsidiary of Centuri Construction Group, which also includes well-established brands such as NPL Canada, Canyon Pipeline, Brigadier Pipelines, WS Nicholls Construction and National Powerline. Together, they think ahead – creating safe, efficient and sustainable energy systems for North American markets. Learn more at

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