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Fast Facts


Joined the National Clean Fleets Partnership: June 2011


Headquarters: Atlanta, GA


Operations: Global

Coca-Cola is working to increase the efficiency of its fleet of delivery vehicles worldwide. The company is optimizing delivery routes, reducing packaging weight, and training drivers in "eco-driving" techniques. It has the largest heavy-duty, diesel-electric hybrid truck fleet in North America, resulting in significant fuel savings and emissions reductions.

Clean Fleet News

Coca-Cola Converts 39 Vans to Hybrid Vehicles

ATLANTA — Coca-Cola has completed the conversion of 39 GM Express vans to hybrid electric operation using XL3 systems from XL Hybrids, taking advantage of an executive order issued late last year by the California Air Resources Board. The new additions bring Coca-Cola's total number of XL-fitted vans to 211.

Coca-Cola announced its conversion plans in December of 2013, and since then has ordered an additional 70 new GM vans with the XL3 hybrid system. The additional vans will be upfitted later this year. The company should see a payback in about 80,000 miles, according to a recent internal case study.

Of the 39 retrofits for Coca-Cola, 28 are located in California, which will make for the largest commercial hybrid retrofit program ever in the state. The installations were performed by ERG, the Emissions Retrofit Group, at locations in Oakland, Ontario, and Sacramento.

The newly converted hybrid vans join a Coca-Cola fleet that includes more than 700 heavy-duty hybrid trucks. Coca-Cola also operates all-electric trucks and about a dozen compressed natural gas trucks.