National Clean Fleets Partnership

Through the National Clean Fleets Partnership, Clean Cities works with large private fleets to implement transportation projects. The initiative provides fleets with resources, expertise, and support to incorporate alternative fuels and fuel-saving measures into their operations.

Making an Impact

Since its inception in 2011, participants in the National Clean Fleets Partnership have teamed with Clean Cities coalitions across the country to implement strategies to advance alternative fuels and energy-efficient vehicle technologies.

The initiative has left an impressive impact nationwide; in 2015, the partners' efforts averted nearly 369,000 tons of GHGs and conserved more than 152 million gasoline gallon equivalents of traditional fuel. Thanks to the partners, 101,677 alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles have been deployed.

Get Involved

Find out about becoming a National Clean Fleets Partner. For more information, contact Mark Smith at the U.S. Department of Energy or your local Clean Cities coordinator.

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