Vermont Clean Cities

The Vermont Clean Cities works with vehicle fleets, fuel providers, community leaders, and other stakeholders to save energy and promote the use of domestic fuels and advanced vehicle technologies in transportation.

Contact Information
Vermont highway
UVM Transportation Research Center
210 Colchester Ave, Farrell Hall
Burlington, VT 05405
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Peggy O'Neill-Vivanco

Peggy O'Neill-Vivanco is a Clean Cities coordinator for Vermont Clean Cities.

General Stats

  • Designated: June 25, 2001
  • Population: 626,630
  • Area: 9,614 sq. mi.
  • Boundary: Entire state of Vermont

Alternative Fueling Stations

Gas pump
  • Biodiesel (B20 and above): 3
  • Natural Gas: 3
  • Ethanol (E85): 0
  • Electric: 478
  • Propane: 1

Petroleum Savings*

Annual Petroleum Savings

Annual Petroleum Savings by Alternative Fuel Vehicle Project Type

Greenhouse Gas Savings*

Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Avoided

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduced by Alternative Fuel Vehicle Project Type
*2015 DOE-Verified Metrics

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