Twin Cities Clean Cities Coalition

The Twin Cities Clean Cities Coalition works with vehicle fleets, fuel providers, community leaders, and other stakeholders to reduce petroleum use in transportation.

Contact Information
Twin cities
490 Concordia Ave
St. Paul, MN 55103
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Lisa Thurstin

Lisa Thurstin has been the Twin Cities Clean Cities Coalition coordinator since 2007 and is also manager of the Clean Fuel and Vehicle Technologies program of the American Lung Association in Minnesota (ALAMN). Her duties include management of ALAMN's clean fuel activities through the Clean Air Choice consumer education program. She currently oversees the Minnesota Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition and actively participates in Drive Electric Minnesota. Her responsibilities include grant management, event coordination, designing educational and marketing pieces, and assisting management. In 2011, Thurstin was inducted into the U.S. Department of Energy's Clean Cities Hall of Fame.

General Stats

  • Designated: May 31, 2001
  • Population: 5,420,380
  • Area: 84,381 sq. mi.
  • Boundary: Entire state of Minnesota

Alternative Fueling Stations

Gas pump
  • Biodiesel (B20 and above): 7
  • Natural Gas: 25
  • Ethanol (E85): 377
  • Electric: 766
  • Propane: 48

Petroleum Savings*

Annual Petroleum Savings

Annual Petroleum Savings by Alternative Fuel Vehicle Project Type

Greenhouse Gas Savings*

Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Avoided

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduced by Alternative Fuel Vehicle Project Type
*2015 DOE-Verified Metrics

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