Illinois Alliance for Clean Transportation

The Illinois Alliance for Clean Transportation works with vehicle fleets, fuel providers, community leaders, and other stakeholders to identify community-driven choices that save energy and promote the use of alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies in transportation.

Contact Information

2 N LaSalle, Suite 950
Chicago, IL 60602

General Stats

  • Designated: May 13, 1994
  • Population: 12,757,634 (based on 2022 Census estimate)
  • Area: 57,918 sq. mi.
  • Local/Regional Service Area: Entire state of Illinois

Alternative Fueling Stations

Including public and private stations

  • Biodiesel (B20 and above): 484
  • Electric (charging outlets): 3,705
  • Ethanol (E85): 297
  • Hydrogen: 0
  • Natural Gas: 33
  • Propane: 87

Energy Use Impact*

Annual Energy Impact

Annual Energy Impact by Alternative Fuel Vehicle Project Type

Emissions Reduced*

Annual Emissions Reduced

Emissions Reduced by Alternative Fuel Vehicle Project Type
*2022 DOE-Verified Metrics

Samantha Bingham

As the Clean Transportation Program Director for the City of Chicago’s Department of Transportation, Samantha Bingham is responsible for developing and implementing policies, programs and projects that reduce emissions from the transportation sector and assisting in achieving the City's sustainability goals. During her 14-year tenure at the City, she has leveraged over $70 million in local and federal grant funding for clean vehicle incentive programs in the Chicago region, including the deployment of electric vehicle charging stations and medium- and heavy-duty hybrid and electric trucks and buses. Bingham also serves as the U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities coalition director for the Illinois Alliance for Clean Transportation whose goal is to reduce petroleum in the transportation sector primarily through education and technical assistance. She leads the coalition’s current effort to promote EV education to the public, local car dealerships and employers to provide EV charging for employees. In 2015, Bingham was inducted into the Clean Cities Hall of Fame.

Angela Tin

Angela Tin is the Coalition Co-Director of Illinois Alliance for Clean Transportation.