On the Road to Energy Independence

June 28, 2013

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Clean Cities Top 20 Facts

More than 5 billion gallons of petroleum saved

As the nation celebrates its independence this week, Clean Cities is marking its 20-year anniversary. And, as we look back at our accomplishments, one really stands out: In 2012, the program's cumulative petroleum savings surpassed 5 billion gallons. In 2012 alone, Clean Cities stakeholders and partners reported petroleum savings of about 900 million gallons—more than any other year in the program's history.

So, what does 5 billion gallons look like? If you have a typical American car, you could fill its tank 269 million times.* On that amount of fuel, you could drive 107 billion miles, or the distance to the sun and back 576 times (with the A/C on, of course!). Put another way, saving 5 billion gallons of petroleum is like taking 9.45 million light-duty vehicles off the road for a year. That's nearly all the cars, SUVs, and light trucks and vans registered in the state of Illinois!

Learn more about Clean Cities' 20-year history and the program's progress toward U.S. energy independence in this interactive timeline.

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  • Average fuel economy of a light-duty vehicle in the United States: 21.4 mpg
  • Car fuel tank capacity: 18 gallons
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  • For more information:
  • Clean Cities Technical Response Service Team
  • 800-254-6735
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