Green Rides Toolkit for National Parks

Through the Clean Cities National Parks Initiative, the National Park Service (NPS) and the U.S. Department of Energy offer the Green Rides Toolkit for NPS units and partners. These outreach materials help parks educate employees, partners, neighboring communities, and visitors about reducing vehicle emissions and saving fuel.

The Green Rides Toolkit dovetails with existing NPS initiatives to continuously improve environmental performance and foster sustainability. These materials equip NPS staff, concessioners, and Clean Cities coordinators with ways to share successes and collaborate on alternative transportation projects without developing outreach materials from scratch. The Green Rides Toolkit supports the Green Rides Objective under the Green Parks Plan, which defines a collective vision and long-term strategic plan for sustainable management of NPS operations.

Many products in the toolkit are stand-alone, ready-to-use pieces, and others are customizable for the needs and audiences of individual parks. Contact Kaylyn Bopp for PDFs of the material and customizable InDesign files.