Propane Autogas Technology Forum

The Propane Autogas Technology Forum (PATF) is intended to provide a focal point for discussions about the expansion of the propane autogas market. The forum is led by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in partnership with the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) and the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Vehicle Technologies Office.


By soliciting input in a technically rigorous manner, a broad set of stakeholders will seek to address and identify the most significant technological and market barriers affecting expansion. The results of PATF will be used to develop consensus around growing the propane autogas industry and informing the ways in which research investments by PERC, DOE, and others can have the greatest impact.


PATF focuses its efforts around an annual meeting. Working groups, webinars, and other events will be held throughout the year to maintain momentum, promote progress, and ensure that identified priorities reflect the needs of a changing market.

To receive updates about meetings and activities, contact PATF. For information about past meetings, see the meeting archive.


Participants will span a wide range of interests and include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Propane producers and distributors
  • Fueling infrastructure owners and operators
  • Fueling infrastructure equipment manufacturers
  • Vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), conversion companies, and component manufacturers
  • Policymakers
  • Fleet managers and end users.