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Photos and Videos

Members of the media may use the following photos. For high-resolution images, click on an image below.

Watch how the Clean Cities program and MotorWeek work with coordinators to produce videos about the successes and accomplishments of Clean Cities coalitions.

Alternative Fueling Station

Photo of a fueling station sign.

High-res image
Pearson Fuels in San Diego offers multiple alternative fuel options. Courtesy of DOE/NREL

Station Locator Mobile App

Photo of a map application on a smartphone screen showing pins to indicate the location of alternative fueling stations.

High-res image
The Alternative Fueling Station Locator app helps drivers find the closest alternative fueling sites. Courtesy of DOE/NREL

All-Electric Vehicle

Photo of an engine.

High-res image
An all-electric Nissan Leaf charging at an event in Washington, D.C. Courtesy of DOE/NREL

Biodiesel Truck

Photo of a man fueling a biodiesel truck.

High-res image
A fleet worker fuels a street-maintenance vehicle with B20 biodiesel. Courtesy of DOE/NREL

Ethanol Vehicle

Photo of a man fueling a vehicle with ethanol.

High-res image
A fleet worker fuels a flexible-fuel police car with ethanol. Courtesy of DOE/NREL

Hybrid Electric Bus

Photo of a hybrid electric bus.

High-res image
This hybrid electric transit bus transports locals and tourists around Vail, Colorado. Courtesy of DOE/NREL

Propane Bus

A propane nozzle and hose fuels a yellow school bus.

High-res image
A liquefied petroleum gas (propane) school bus fueling in Thornton, Colorado. Courtesy of DOE/NREL

Natural Gas Truck

Photo of a man fueling a natural gas UPS truck.

High-res image
A UPS delivery truck fuels up with compressed natural gas. Courtesy of DOE/NREL

Infrastructure Workshop

Photo of a man and woman discussing a map.

High-res image
Attendees of an Energy Policy Act (EPAct)/Clean Cities infrastructure workshop discuss station locations. Courtesy of DOE/NREL

For more images of Clean Cities' portfolio of technologies, download free photos from the Image Gallery provided by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

Search the Image Gallery for the term "Clean Cities" to find photos related to Clean Cites and alternative transportation technologies.

Download broadcast- and Web-quality videos and clips from the Clean Cities YouTube channel.

Background Information

See the Clean Cites Overview to learn more about the program's history, mission, stakeholders, and activities.

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