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Clean Cities has awarded nearly $400 million to fund hundreds of projects across the country that reduce petroleum use in transportation. These project awards contribute to Clean Cities' primary goal of reducing petroleum use in the U.S. by 2.5 billion gallons per year by 2020.


Project Initiative/Award Awardee Status Date
Filling Critical Gaps through Innovative Cradle-to-Grave Training Alternative Fuel Vehicle Deployment Initiatives North Central Texas Council of Governments In progress Mar 2015

States impacted:

  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas

Filling Critical Gaps through Innovative Cradle-to-Grave Training

This Filling Critical Gaps through Innovative Cradle-to-Grave Training project will leverage existing alternative fuel vehicle curricula that had been developed through a previous Department of Energy project to provide training to fire marshals, code officials, mechanics and technicians, and first responders. This training, which will focus on issues related to compressed natural gas, propane, and electricity, will address critical training needs in a 4-state area in the South Central U.S. The project will also develop a Future Action Plan, which will collect best practices and lessons learned, as well as describe how to move forward with additional training in the coming years.

Learn more about the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Deployment Initiatives.

$600,000 Award

$150,000 Local matching funds


  • Arkansas Clean Cities
  • Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities
  • Lone Star Clean Fuels Alliance (Central Texas)
  • Louisiana Clean Fuels
  • Southeast Louisiana Clean Fuel Partnership
  • Tulsa Clean Cities